Marriage Proposal: Will you give the ring back after the break-up

Blah! Blah! Blah! We are all aware you said yes to that marriage proposal, in fact, we were all present when you accepted that diamond ring with so much screaming and tears in your eyes.

You are no longer interested in the proposal for reasons best known to you, it is quite alright as long as you are happy which is the most important thing. Girl! Why in the world would you not give that ring back? A ring is given to symbolises a promise of marriage between both parties and now that there is a breach of agreement, will you do the right thing?

Is it because it is expensive and you can sell it off and get some money off it, perhaps, you just want to get back at him? What if it was not expensive, would you not have returned or even trash it.

Now let us get this straight, a lot of ladies might have been through so much trauma in a relationship and believe that holding on to the ring is a little compensation for all the trauma they have experienced. They might just sell it off if it was expensive and use the money. “What a wawu right?” Are you that desperate? It even gets worse when the guy in question is clamouring for his ring back.

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Are you also holding on to that ring, as a remembrance of the good times you both shared? If that is the case, then girl it’s not worth it, you deserve better so start moving on. It is easier said than done but the earlier you face your reality, the easier your healing process becomes.

Think about it this way, he bought the ring with his money, it’s his ring, then he decides to give the ring to solidify your mutual agreement. Now you are no longer towing that part, isn’t that enough reason to return it?

For whatever reason you are holding on to that ring, if the guy wants the ring back then you should give it back, if not then do as you wish.

Are we speaking fo all our single ladies out there? Please, share your opinion