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Best hygienic ways to dispose menstrual pads, tampons

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Best hygienic ways to dispose menstrual pads, tampons

Menstrual Hygiene Management is an essential aspect of hygiene for women and adolescent girls. Menstruation is a naturally occurring physiological phenomenon in adolescent girls and pre-menopausal women.

It is not only required to keep yourself clean during your menstrual period but is necessary to properly dispose of the used menstrual materials.

Since it’s a private matter, we are often tempted to want to dispose of menstrual waste by flushing it down the toilet once removed, please refrain from doing it.
Flushing it down the toilet may clog the drainage system and lead to flooding of the toilet because the material does not disintegrate, and this can be embarrassing.

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Pads & tampons are disposable menstrual products worn (recommended to be worn for 8 hours) externally like underwear to absorb menstrual flow.

So, here are better disposal techniques to be used

The absorbent menstrual materials are disposed of according to the type of product used, cultural beliefs, and location (underdeveloped, developing, developed country).

1. Wrap the used products properly in a paper or waste bag to prevent foul smell and any-disease-causing pathogens. Dispose of a garbage bin afterwards. How do you do this? Roll the pad up tightly and neatly, do it in such a way that the soiled part is on the inside.

2. These wastes can also be disposed of in incinerators (according to eco-friendly guidelines, to reduce pollution).

3. Wash your hands properly with soap and wash after disposal. This will prevent the spread of germs.

4. Many disregard the number one rule, they simply shred and flush. Many do this because it is believed that some persons with diabolic intentions pick it up from the dustbins, landfills and use it for ritual purposes.

What these categories of people do is to shred the separate the cotton-like part (the one soaked with menstrual blood) from the nylon part. Then shred the cotton-like part into pieces and flush it. The nylon part is then flushed.

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