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You have scanty brows, you don’t have at all, or you just want your brows already done to reduce the stress of carving them out every day? You might want to consider this.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo. So a blade is used to create tiny strokes on your brows making it appear fuller than what you used to have. Well, it is not as painful as it sounds, what the blade does is to scratch your brow surface lightly to deposit pigments under your skin. The colour of the pigment used will definitely be determined by your normal hair colour. This is quite different from the thin black green lines some ladies get tattooed on their face and call them brows. Microblading looks extremely natural.

A numbing cream is also applied before the process, so you have little to worry about as long as you entrust yourself into the hands of a professional.
We call this a semi-permanent tattoo because it can last for as long as a year and even two but does not last forever unlike a permanent tattoo which is deeply ingrained into the skin.

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The longevity of microblading also depends on your lifestyle, the kind of products you use and also skin type. The oilier the skin, the earlier it fades.

You can go back in after a week to get a touch-up. Avoid picking off scabs from the tiny little scratches on your brows while it’s healing.

Also, ensure that it does not get wet for that first week. If there is no choice to this then please cover ‘your new brows’ with ointment to prevent the cuts from exposure to bacteria.

Microblading aftercare is really important as you have the dryness, scabs, redness as with normal tattoo. So, it is important that you continue to apply the prescribed ointment. If you decide to still apply brow pencil after microblading, please wait after it heals before you apply any product.

Visit a specialist to get this procedure done and be aware of any ink allergies you might have before doing this or any other tattoo.

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