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My wedding Night


My wedding Night

The wedding night is usually the night in which your wedding ceremony takes place.

A lot of non-married people always fantasized about how their wedding night would look like, some would rather fantasy about their honeymoon. But the big questions that keep popping their minds is ‘I am just dying to know: what are wedding nights like?

The Big day is over, it’s only you and your brand new wife/husband, the next thing is to head up to the hotel room, maybe pop some champagne with some amazing Ross on the bed.

Remember, this is real life and not Hollywood films. You need to decide what you want for yourself. This is not necessarily what you had in mind before, but base on the present state of things after the wedding ceremony.

Well, we all know that traditionally, the wedding night is supposed to be the night the newly wedded couple physically celebrate their love, then if you’re a virgin, you might probably be feeling nervous. But don’t worry, it’s your day. The only way you can get out of this is to communicate with your partner; you need to let him know you don’t have prior experience with sex. But if both of you are new to it, well, you both need to decide on how to go about it to get maximum satisfaction.

The bottom line, we all have a perfect picture of how we want our wedding night/honeymoon to look like, but it would be kind you let it flow naturally base on situations after the party. It’s your wedding night, not a movie, OWN IT! 

Do you wish to share your personal wedding experience with us in the comment session? Kindly do so.

To all our single ladies and guys, you can as well share how you would love to be treated on that faithful night.

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