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Never Do These on Your First Date

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Never Do These on Your First Date

Ever wonder why your he/she is not picking your calls after the first date? Like the saying goes, first impression matters.

What exactly is a date? For this context, we shall follow the definition of the Cambridge dictionary that says it is a social meeting planned before it happens, especially one between two people who have or might have a romantic relationship.

PUblog brings to your doorstep basic things you should never be caught doing on a date. Avoid these mistakes so your date can call and be responsive.

1. Go late: Why keep your date waiting and wondering if you would show up? Is it worth the chance?

2. Constantly check your phone: Hello! Like seriously, you are doing that! Will you drop that phone already, arg! When you concentrate on your mobile phone you are sending the wrong non-verbal communication to your date, one of such is “you are wasting my time here, I‘ve got better things to do.” It also reduces the number of times you say “excuse me, I didn’t get that.”

This is annoying and disrespectful. If you’re a phone addict, ensure you learn to keep it in a purse, bag, pocket or wherever is suitable but your hands and table.

3. Tell your whole life story: This will probably last for a few hours or less, ensure to make the right impression. Keep the details for later, don’t exude the wrong vibe, you don’t have all day. Also, do I need to tell you that it is inappropriate to bring your past and ugly relationship experiences here? For the umpteenth time, please don’t.

4. Forget your manners: Babe, take your manners alongside, you may drop it after the date. Demonstrate good manners, take your elbow off the table, etc. Speak with respect, even to the waiter/waitress. It is supposed to be an exciting meeting, don’t let it turn otherwise.

5. Invite your friends: C’mon this is a date, not a get-together. One school of thought says two is a company, three is a crowd, this means that you are most likely going to agree with me that the female gender is a guilty party. Save the invite for. later



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