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Pay Attention to These Love Languages

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Pay Attention to These Love Languages

But I love her, what more does she want? Sounds familiar right? Let us say most people are aware now that love really is not enough. We have moved passed this debate of whether it is enough in any relationship or not. Maybe it will be enough if we loved deeply.

Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose, kind of love. Sadly we didn’t get to see how sweet or bitter their love would have been in the long run!!!

Oops, scrap all that! Understanding that there are flammables that fuel your relationship, like the love language your partner speaks. Speaking your partner’s love language will erase doubts of your love genuine.

The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To your Mate, this book was written by Gary Chapman. The term love language is from this book.

Gary Chapman tells us there are five primary love languages. This write-up is to help you find out the love language you and your partner respond to respectively.

1. Act of Service: When we say love is more about actions, this is it. When your partner keeps asking you, do you really love me? But you say it all the time and they still keep asking. You probably need to show that you really love them in your actions.

You can assist them to do chores when you see they are so busy, join in with chores just to make it easier. This also entails being available to help whenever they are in need.

2. Words of Affirmation: You notice your partner loves to hear you say you love them, say it often. You notice your partner loves compliments, same it often.

3. Gifts: Even little children get excited and loosen up once you give them gifts. As the saying goes ‘ it’s the little things that count’. “Don’t sha go and be dating a gold digger”, then you tell us girls are expensive and difficult to please’ Find your Mrs right. Someone who will appreciate your little efforts.

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4. Physical Touch: Have you ever tried crossing the road with your partner and they get really mad that you didn’t hold their hands while crossing? Does your partner get mad that immediately after sex, the next thing you do is pick up your phone and not hold hands or just cuddle? Think about it, little gestures such as this makes you both more comfortable with each other.

5. Quality time: You can sit side by side with your partner and still not spend quality time with them. This is different from enjoying just the erotic silence at that particular moment. As even this stage was built from a lot of efforts at intimacy. You can try putting down your phone to listen while they talk to you. You could try doing a particular sport or even a workout routine together.

The bottom line is that not everyone expresses their love in the same way, so being aware of the different love languages can help you understand your relationship better.

Do you know your love language? Share with us in the comment session how you discovered that.  To get a copy of book on this, click here

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