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Public Marriage Proposals

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Public Marriage Proposals

Public Marriage Proposals

Proposals are a big deal, from the ring, the location to the mini party of course. There are a lot of proposal ideas and videos all up on the internet. The ones which would have you screaming ‘God when’ and we see the bizarre which would leave you wondering if both partners ever dated at all.

Getting engaged marks the beginning of another phase for the couple, so before you propose, are you sure you and your partner are on the same page?

Now, this question also applies to the female as we have women who will definitely take the bull by the horn. A lot of people are in relationships for various reasons, some both parties are aware of, maybe not. What then happens when you and your partner are not on the same page and he goes ahead to propose, taking it the extra mile to propose in public?

Would you say no if you aren’t ready? There was a viral video earlier this year of a guy who proposed to his woman in an eatery and the lady refused which led to the guy packing up all the food we assume he bought and even the lady’s footwear, oops! such an embarrassing scene!

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Dams says she would rather say yes in public and tell him no in private after the proposal party is over. Ese says she would rather say no in public, saying no guy can guilt-trip her into marrying him when she is not ready or might not even be the kind of guy she would like to settle down with. Doku isn’t even a fan of public proposals, he says if his partner proposes to him in public, it means she doesn’t even know the kind of person he is and that might be the beginning of their relationship going downhill.

What do you do? It is important to have been discussing marriage with your partner to know if he or she is ready for that next step or not before you propose especially in public, this would save you both any embarrassment. If you have to then say know no in public as long as it saves your sanity, by all means then, please go ahead.


What are your thought concerning a public proposal, share with us in the comment session.


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