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Reasons You Should Consider Cutting Your Hair

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Reasons You Should Consider Cutting Your Hair

Thinking of cutting your hair? It’s understandable if you are hesitating. As a woman, there is no limit to what you can do to your hair.

For ladies, this is perhaps one of the biggest decisions you would have to make if you want to have a haircut. The hair you see growing for years will be ‘chopped off’ in like ten minutes.

Many questions such as will it fit me? Will it suit my face shape? What kind of haircut will suit me? What if I got tired of low cut? What other option do I have? Do I get a wig to compliment it? What happens if I miss going to the salon to make my hair? Do I dye it after cutting my hair? How will I be perceived in the society (considering, It’s an African clime) parade in your mind?

Cutting your hair for a lady means you are about to change your life. There is this adrenaline rush of telling your hairstylist to cut it off and seeing it fall off.

There many reasons to consider cutting your hair.

1. It saves money
With a low cut, you use less of everything if not everything. Less hair means less shampoo, less conditioner, and styling products. You can save more with a haircut.


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2. Trendy low-cut hairstyles
There’s always a short hair trend. There are several pictures of nice and cute low cuts. Tutorials have even proven to be useful, and you can find it relatively easier and simpler. Give it a try, it’s a fun experiment. You can explore any of these hairstyles like bob, layered, pixie, low cut, shag, Mohawk, and many others.

3. Empowering
Cutting one’s hair off is a transformative and scary journey. There is something bold and empowering about cutting one’s hair because is not common in our society. It enhances confidence because you call the shots when it comes to decisions that matter in your life.

4. Not permanent
You can grow your hair back if you want to. Haircuts are not permanent, you can choose to go back to what your former hairstyles. For some, it might not grow as much as it was.

Do you think these reasons are strong enough for you to cut your hair? Share your opinion in the comment session.




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