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Red Flags in Relationships

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Red Flags in Relationships

Haa!!! You were so sure there was something fishy going on but you could not place it until it became ‘ yam, pepper scatter scatter’ sigh.

Fifty per cent of times, in fact, more than fifty per cent of times you guts are right, when you think that something is wrong somewhere, you should go back and check again just to be sure. We are most times right but choose to throw caution to the wind, be carried away, ignorant of our observations and feelings.

The same thing applies in a relationship, this is not about being insecure, paranoid or just having trust issues and uncertainties about what life throws at you. It is about trusting you and your feelings.

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The signs are there sweet sis do not ignore it, you do not need to nag him also, just ask questions, you will find answers I assure you.

You know he loves you or ‘used to’ if that is the excuse you have for ignoring that he has gotten comfortable with not talking to you in days and does not seem to bother, sis! o wrong now! You cannot be too busy for the one you love and when he is so busy due to ‘powers beyond his control’ there should have been a previous agreement before that time. Communication is key!

He does not invite you over at all and when he does the only thing you do is have sex, he does not bother to know how you have been faring, sis ‘shine those beautiful eyes joor’ if he is not giving you that care, he is probably giving it to another woman or he is just plain self-centred.

You go on a date and all he does is salivate on every other lady. If you were thinking of giving this man a chance, you need to go back to think again. If he cannot even focus on you on one date, when will he ever get to focus on the relationship?

Does he nag you about your weight? Saying insensitive jokes about you being plus size? You are beautiful in every sense of the word and we do not need anyone damaging your self-esteem and mental health. We also do not want for you someone who does not respect you. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.


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