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Scouting; You would be surprised at what we mean.

www.publog.ng/Scouting; You would be surprised at what we mean.
Scouting; You would be surprised at what we mean.

Hang told her friend she always had to work hard to get everything she needs, that is how it has always been. She got a uniform response from her friends to get a man that will handle her needs.

The above sounds familiar?

Hang’s life is a circle, from work to the house and back to work… on and on it goes. The circle only changes when she goes to family parties or just when she feels like taking some time off.

Her friends insist that she delegates home duties on weekends and hang out. Not a bad idea though.

The suggestion is to dress exceptionally, go to an expensive restaurant, bar or even lounge, but go alone. They said, ‘we are not saying guys will come and meet you that very day, but you have to go from time to time, to different places.

You will certainly score a rich one. If they see you alone, they will know you are ready to mingle.

That we will say, is not entirely wrong. As humans have the ability to sense a lot of things even subconsciously, urrhhhmmm we just do not listen.

This is quite similar to male pouching. Male pouching is purposely seeking out men who are already in a relationship, married or just committed to another woman, for the purpose of a relationship. It is like a conquest, an extreme fondness of coveting that which is ‘taken’.

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The similarity being that both are hunters, the former will lead to the latter in a ruse of desperation.

As some will say, ‘ you can not sit in your room and get noticed, you cannot wait around and expect to get a boyfriend, you need to go out,.

Should one go out just to get a rich dude who will fix your needs? Are there risks to these?

Not all women are alone at some bar or lounge area there to scout for men. The ones who do, do they really benefit from it? Loads of ladies tell us it works for them. Does it work for you? Let us know.


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