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Sex Injuries

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Sex injuries

While sex can be a pleasurable sensation, wondrous journey, amazing ride, fun, the opposite lurks around in a corner.

There are sex injuries you may likely not be aware of. From vagina tear to broken penises, both sexes can have their experiences as this is not limited to any gender.

A lot can go wrong under your duvet or sheet if you prefer;

Vaginal tear: This is preventable if you use enough lubricant to prevent friction. The vaginal tear is a small cut or tears to the entrance of the vaginal, which usually occur when you are not well lubricated or you engage in rough sexual activity. Objects like, dildo could also lead to tearing either in the vaginal or anus.

You might have to see a doctor should this occur, sometimes it leads to difficulty in peeing.  Publog advises that you refrain from sex till you feel better.

Penis Fracture: This is not common, but it a little knowledge about it is welcomed. In simple terms, it occurs when the male genitalia (penis) hits the wrong spot such as pubic bone, etc. at the point of penetration. This is painful, ensure to seek medical help immediately.

Vaginal Soreness: This can be prevented if things are taken slowly, adequate arousal or lubricants, no rough sex. Vaginal soreness is quite common because it is a tender organ. If the pain remains after some days, this could be a sign of extra attention. It could be a sign of urinary tract infection, vaginitis, etc.

Inserting foreign objects: Foreign objects include forgotten tampons, lost condoms. No need to panic, you can either remove it yourself or seek medical help.

Bruises: You can be bruised even during sex or after. This is usually milder.


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