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Should Your Boyfriend Know Your Body Count?

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What is Your Body Count

Checking through Merriam-Webster dictionary, body count is the count of the bodies of killed enemy soldiers. Grammarians!! We mean something entirely different.

Body count is the number of people you have had penetrative sex with, it really does not matter anything else you have done with the person or how intimate you have been.

This question comes up in most relationships. One would wonder what gratification your partner will get when he knows the number of people you have had sex with.

Does it really matter? Questions that should be top of the list, questions such as your partner’s sexual health, will certainly have an effect on you. Questions such as if they have had children or gotten someone pregnant before.

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A woman who has slept with more than one person is seen as a hoe. Women do not really get bothered about how many people their men have slept with in the past, even when they get to know, most women do not see this as a big deal as long as it remains in the past.

We have been told that some men want to know your body count just to give them an idea of how wide your vagina is ‘when you have not given them a taste of the coochie’.

There is no evidence confirming that having sex with multiple partners or a man with a large member permanently alters the size of the vagina rather you should be worried about STDs from multiple sex partners.

A woman’s body has been designed to expand to accommodate a large penis. Increased blood flow when aroused, helps the walls of the vagina to relax and unfold, giving the body space to accommodate a penis irrespective of the size.

Within a few hours after sex, it will go back to its normal size. So even the frequency with which one has sex does not cause it to expand permanently. The only occurrence that can do this is menopause and childbirth and that is because the muscles of the vagina weaken with age and childbirth. There are actually exercises that can help with this, which we will be brought to you soon.

So, ladies, your body count should not define your relationship. It is 2021, this guys should let sleeping dogs lie!

Does your partner’s body count matters to you? Tell us, we would like to know.

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