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Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

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Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

Y’all are just in between, you are more than friends, but you are not lovers, we would not use the term ‘friend turn brother’. Obviously, there is a romantic feeling but y’all are not dating. We could use the word entanglement, only that you both are not intimate and if you are, oops! All the more complicated. These signs will help you discern better.

Communication: We usually have friends we talk to almost every time but then you notice a subtle difference with this one, it is more. You guys tend to discuss almost anything together. It is like you connect on another level.

Attention: Attention and communication tend to be confused to be the same thing but there is actually a difference. Attention is showing care, affection. At this point, you would expect that he pops the question but he won’t say anything but it is quite obvious that he has strong feelings for you.

Gifts: He gives you gifts without you asking and even when you mention something you will like to have trivially, you realize he gets it for you. At this point, we feel like the best thing is to ask questions and not just go along with an unlabelled relationship ‘ you might not want to do this but it is best to ask to save yourself the stress of waiting and expecting him to pop the question.

He might not, sooner, as you would expect as he is not ready for a relationship. Are you willing to wait till he is ready?

Inability to label the relationship: You want to ask questions but each time he waives you off or says things like ‘ I really love you and I know I’m the one taking time to ask you out’. Probing further will help you know more of the reasons he is holding back.

This can be due to financial or emotional instability, you can not just guess until you ask. Then it is up to you to decide to wait. Please, this is on repeat ‘ No matter how much he claims to love you and does not ask you to be his girl, DO NOT ASSUME YOU BOTH ARE DATING. ASK QUESTIONS.



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