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Simple Tips to Knowing Your Skin Tone


Skin tone is the natural colour of your skin. Knowing and dressing according to your skin tone helps you look youthful and complimentary. Your skin tone is also called undertone, this is different from your complexion.

There are three different undertones – cool hues (red, pink, blue), warm hues (gold, yellow) and neutral hues (olive). PUBLOG shares how helpful tips to knowing your skin colour.

1. Ensure to get rid of any makeup from your face by washing it. Then wait for at least fifteen minutes. The find natural light, like a sunny spot or an outdoor setting. Avoid light bulbs because they can have an effect and alter your skin while giving you a false impression.

2. Another popular method is to see the colour of one’s veins on the wrist. Hold up your arm in the natural light and determine the predominant colour. If your veins appear green, you have warm skin. If the veins appear blue or purple you have cool skin. If you cants tell if your veins are green or blue, you likely have a neutral skin colour. If you have an olive complexion, you perhaps fall into this category.

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3. A white background or white paper can be used to get the required result. For the white background, stand in front of the background and determine the and determine which colour appear the most apparent in the skin, using the stark contrast with the white to make the observation.

Should you opt for the white paper method, hold it close to your face, looking in a mirror, try to see how your skin looks in contrast to the white paper. If your skin appears yellowish, you have yellowish skin. If it appears pink, blueish-red or rosy, then you have a cool skin tone and so forth. Meanwhile, if you find it difficult to determine any cast of yellow, pin or olive, you have neutral skin.

4. Look at your eye colour to determine your undertones, this is probably a simple method. Brown eyes mean you have warm skin, lighter eyes like blue and pale brown usually means you have cool undertones, while ice blue means you have cool skin, also gold fleck may indicate warm undertones.



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