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Sleeping Pattern

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Sleeping Pattern

Guys!!!! some working conditions will make your sleeping pattern abnormal o. Then someone will ask you your work schedule and you say nine to five. How is this nine to five? You leave home by six, sometimes by five, you get home by eleven sometimes around twelve, after the agony of traffic, omo!!! Lol, and you say you work nine to five? Definitely looks like five to twelve.

Seriously guys, you barely have time to sleep and prepare for work the next day. Sleeping well has a direct effect on your mental and physical health. It could affect your productivity, weight and your day time energy. Sometimes, you see a lot of people sleeping on the wheels and you would wonder why the individual did not get enough sleep. This is one of the causes of road accident asides drinking and driving.

We have three types of sleep pattern,
The monophasic: This is when an individual sleeps only once per day and this is mostly at night.

The biphasic: This sleepers, sleep about five to six hours during the night and observe siesta during the day that is twice a day. It could also be segmented to sleep at night.

Polyphasic sleep: These individuals sleep three to six times during the day. They take short naps at intervals during the day.

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No one’s sleep pattern is the same but leading a healthy sleep life leads to optimal functioning of an individual. The following tips will help you sleep better:
• Maintain a quiet and dark sleeping environment
• Ensure to sleep in comfortable clothes
• Avoid the use of phones, watching television at least thirty minutes before sleep.
• Exercise regularly
• Maintain a healthy diet and avoid eating processed, sugary food and food containing caffeine
• Exercise regularly.
• No matter how much work to get done, create at to sleep.
• Ensure to rest as soon as you feel like your body needs it. Our body sure gives us signs.
• You can get accommodation closer to your place of work to avoid the extra hours spent in traffic instead of sleeping.


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