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Stop Holding Your Pee

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Stop Holding Your Pee

It’s a new year and one of the habits you must unlearn is holding that pee, yes, you. Although a healthy adult is said to be able to hold urine about 2 cups (400 to 500 millimeters) before reaching its capacity.

When you make holding your pee a routine, your bladder begins to expand. It is totally not advisable.

Urine is liquid waste, as it builds up in the body, there is a natural urge to access the restroom.

The urge to visit the restroom might come when you are in a public transport, sleeping, (and you don’t want to interrupt the sleep by standing up to empty your bladder), in an ‘important’ boardroom meeting, there is no restroom insight etc.

While you can hold your pee, it may lead to unwanted health effects if you do so for too long and often. A little hold every time makes the bladder muscle stretch to hold it which weaken it.

As a result, you may experience urinary inconvenience – involuntary leakage of urine, difficulty in peeing and constant urge to use the restroom.

Holding it for an extremely long time may result in Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), it occurs due to the bacteria build-up/multiply in the bladder as a result of not emptying it regularly.

Symptoms of UTI include off-coloured urine or bloody urine, pain in the lower abdomen, a sharp burning sensation when you pee, strong-smelling urine, regular urge to use the restroom, cloudy-looking urine.

Also, know that your risk may be higher if you do not drink enough water, so, you might need to pay attention to that too.

Women who are pregnant have a higher chance of having UTIs. As a pregnant woman, ensure to use the restroom as often as possible.

Water: Beyond Thirst

In certain circumstances, it may lead to a risk of having a kidney disorder which could be life-threatening.

Another effect it might have on your health is urinary retention. If you are not urinating constantly and are retaining urine, it is called urinary retention.

This is when your bladder is not able to empty completely due to blockage of the free flow of urine through the bladder and urethra. Also, pre-existing medical conditions can also cause this.

How often should you pee?
The frequency of using the restroom varies from one person to another. In so far, there is an urge to use the restroom, please do not hesitate. The average daily is six to eight-time.

Do share with us, why you held that pee that day.


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