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Stop wearing revealing clothes to welcome a visitor.

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The reason I should stop wearing revealing cloths to welcome visitors

With a lot of happenings in society, we all need to careful as to what we wear, when we wear them and how we wear them, especially what’s revealing clothes. This applies to the young ones, especially the single ladies, and young couples.

Wearing revealing clothes could trigger some sort of sexual assaults

With the various incidence of rape here and there, the girl child needs to be very careful about the way they appear. Various rape/close to rape incident had occurred because we are wearing the wrong attire at that moment.

Incident of in-house rape had been on the increase in our society, and we all know they will always accuse the female child. Take, for instance, the trending story some month back about a popular pastor and his member.

An ‘early morning visit’ what do you think happens to a male child early in the morning? The penis muscle is always at alert to sway in the direction that calls. Bear in mind, the ladies are always the victim, and we need to make sure they are not one always.

What do you wear that can trigger a rape case includes?

Wearing a nightgown revealing your nipples; we all know that the real female breast lies in the nipple. Wearing a gown showing your nipple to welcome a visitor either in the morning or late at night might trigger the other sex into action; irrespective of who the visitor might be.

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Wearing a dress that shows your thigh, as uncomplicated as this might sound, we all know male are moved by what they see, showing them this in a very confined environment like your apartment might trigger a rape episode.

Let’s paint a scenario of about-to-marry Mr. A and Miss B.

Mr A now decides to visit Miss B one day before their wedding at home. She now finds this lovely sister in her nightgown with all the boobs popped up very visibly. Mind you, both are sexually attracted and emotionally connected.

Though at that moment, sex might not be what they want to engage in before marriage. But such a compromising situation might make them want to have sex. ‘Body No Be Fire Wood Now’

Or how would you also explain a scenario where you go visiting your ex(gf.bf) at home, either he/she is married. Especially when the feeling is still there. A lot could happen if the other party doesn’t dress properly to receive the second party.

Seeing a movie that has a sexual act with your visitor, you wouldn’t want to see a movie with your friends at home, especially if you both are the only one at home.

It would just look like our popular Nollywood movie that will start from one person looking at each other with a blinking eye, then it matures to please, come and help me blow my eye, something just enter it.

Before you know it, they are in bed or sofa having sex. Why? they are both vulnerable at that moment. Although It isn’t what one party planned or has in mind before.

Another risk factor of in house rape is sharing your sex life/secret with the opposite sex. A lot do fall victim to this. Some married women/men don’t mind sharing when their partner had made love with them last.

Sharing this exclusive secret with a third party just like that might be dangerous. It can imply that such person is starving of sex, and need it ASAP.

As long as we want to make our society free from any sexual abuse, we need to also thwart the risk factor that can drive a close to rape/rape incident.

No one is justified for any act of rape as it’s inhuman, but we need to keep ourselves safe from the animals in the society that always wants to satisfy their sexual urge.

What do you think might also trigger the risk of rape at home?

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