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Scouting; You would be surprised at what we mean.

Hang told her friend she always had to work hard to get everything she needs, that is how it has always been. She got...

Antisocial Behaviours

Individuals with antisocial behaviours do not show regard for authority and consequently become a public nuisance. Antisocial behaviour is a personality disorder characterized by...

Pay Attention to These Love Languages

But I love her, what more does she want? Sounds familiar right? Let us say most people are aware now that love really is...

Can You Donate Blood After Getting a Tattoo? Find Out

A popular myth in Africa has it that if you have a tattoo, you will not be able to donate blood. How true is...

Takes on Abortion

Abortion is the expulsion of the foetus from the uterus. There are a few types of procedures for abortion depending on how far gone...