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The Best Tribe To Date


What’s your take on inter-tribal marriages.

Well, well, well!! I hope some of you are out netting right now because we’re about to open up a big jar of worms here.

Let’s talk about dating within and outside your tribe and whether it’s a good idea or not. Also, what do Publoggers thinks about inter-religious marriages?

Firstly, let’s discuss some characteristics of these tribes.

We all agree that we have three major tribes out of the over 300 tribes in Nigeria.

The Yoruba’s

Recently, they are now described as the Yoruba Demons (What a name) Ask if they like the name, I think they do and they are proud of it.

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The Yoruba are mainly the Ondo, Osun, Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Ibadan, part of Kogi and Kwara. It’s believed that the Yorubas are one of the most caring and respectful tribes in Nigeria.

The Yoruba boys can promise the whole planet, but deliver just the earth. Lol.

They are accustomed to marry/date more than one lady, though they are sweet, humble, hardworking and always loyal, especially if you come across the broke ones or the ones with little cash.

I wonder what Falz was thinking when he named himself the president of the Sweet Boys Association SBA. (Maybe the Yorubas are the most luscious of all)

Talking of sexual activeness for both sexes, it’s said that both sexes are not sex fanatics. They are believed to be more materialistic, with a larger percentage educated.

If the right guy happens to be a Yoruba Demon– hey, game on!

The Hausa/Fulani 

The Hausa and Fulani people are located mostly in the northern part of NigeriaMost Hausa is faithful MuslimsMost Hausa are faithful Muslims who believe in Allah and Muhammad as their prophet.

The Hausas tend to be quiet and reserved among the tribes in Nigeria. Their men are believed to be very nice and kind. Very faithful and generous if you meet the good ones. Hahaha

Although a larger percentage of them aren’t educated, while the minor is trading with the majority of them being a farmer.

Generally, the Hausa ladies love to date/marry the Yoruba guys, while the men prefer to marry their fellow Hausas.

The Hausa ladies are the most beautiful ones among the various tribes in Nigeria and are sexually active compared to their men. The ladies can be very loving, caring as well as being loyal if you can satisfy their needs.

Though, they are not the materialistic types. Early marriages are common among the Hausa, this might be traced to their religious background and because a higher percentage of their ladies been not educated.

The Igbos 

Igbo is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, They are indigenous to the southeastern part of the country. They are natively called Ndi Igbo with major states like Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo etc.

Igbo people are industrious, hardworking, and never smiling when it comes to money matters. They don’t believe in early marriage and are said to be the most religious. Reasons, why some of their ladies marry late as pregnant outside wedlock, is something they detest.

The Igbos girls are well known to love money, though not all, and prefer to date/marry a fellow Igbo guy with dope! Never argue or boost of being strong in bed with Igbo girls, especially the ones from Calabar or Awka Ibom, because they might end up being a disaster for you. Lol.

In short, they are said to love sex more, even more than any other tribe in Nigeria. Most guys in Nigeria love to date their ladies because of their sexual activeness, and base on their cooking skills. They are said to have one of the best delicacies in Nigeria.

One union that is known to be scared in Nigeria is that of an Igbo and Hausa.

To promote indivisibility, interreligious and inter-ethnicity marriages should be encouraged at all levels.

Guys shine your eye and choose wisely based on your goals. If you want a dedicated man, you know who to date. But if yours is having the best sexual experience, you know the plane to board.

So to get back to the opening question that spurred this article: If you find a companion who is a partner and catalyst in your continued growth who just happens to be in your tribe, go for it.

At the same time, you realize that dating outside of your tribe is an opportunity for even greater growth, learning, and expansiveness, both for you and your future offspring.

Good luck guys as you find satisfaction in your relationship!

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