The ladies Handbag

The ladies Handbag

A handbag is a handled medium-large bag used to carry personal items.

It’s just a little bag, but some ladies feel naked in public without it.

Ladies handbag is filled with everything your mind can imagine. Some ladies even carry handbag just because they want to feel or look complete, and not necessarily having some personal items inside. Do you agree?

Most ladies can never be caught underprepared because they are always ready for anything, and things found in her handbag show just that. While ladies handbag is usually a bag of wonders, secrets and mystery, here’s a list of typical items that can be found inside;

Gum or Mint, Toothbrush or floss, Tissue, Pen, sunglasses, phone charger, perfume, lipsticks, hand sanitizer, blush on, moisturizer, headphones, hairbrush, Sanitary pad, etc.

Let’s track some ladies handbag and asked if we could look inside their beloved handbags and share what is inside with the world.

#HandbagChallenge (Pause, pour all items in your handbag on a desk, snap and share) Let see your little clean/dirty secret

What do you think is missing in the items listed that can be found in a lady bag. Share yours with #HandbagChallange