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Anger Management: Tips on how to control your anger

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Anger Management: Tips on how to control your anger

We sure know how anger feels like though it is more intense in some people than others. Anger is a feeling of irritation which could range from mild annoyance to full-fledged rage. Anger is a normal healthy feeling that should be expressed assertively when it is expressed aggressively, it might lead to the destruction of relationships with other people.

Anger should be under our control and not the other way round. This tips will help in taming your anger and turning it around constructively.

1. Calm yourself first: What could cause you to do or say things you did not intend. you can also say to yourself words like ‘relax’ several times. Assure yourself that it is not as bad as it is and there will be a solution whether immediate or later.

2. Speak up: Once you are calm, you can assertively and lovingly express your grievances. Sometimes you might even notice there is no need to say much once you are calm. Since you would have been able to think better about the situation that got you upset in the first place.

3. Change of environment: Peace of mind is the new wealth. It might be a job you took up always getting you angry. Change is a constant thing and it will do you a lot of good.


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4. Humour: Life is not a bed of roses, but there is a joy as well. You can try to fish out the humour in every situation that upsets you. You might just get to find out, it is not that serious after all.

5. Do not hold a grudge: Holding a grudge will only make you upset the more whenever you see the person you are holding a grudge against. This might even cause you to try to hurt the person which is unacceptable. Forgiveness is a virtue and it is good for your mental health.


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