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Tools for Musical Perfection

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Tools for Musical Perfection

It’s funny how many people want to be musically sound but are not ready to pay the price. The Road to perfections isn’t easy only the willing can get there because it is not a smooth journey.

Therefore I will break these Tools into 4 four parts.

1. Determination

2. Time

3. Consistency (practice)

4. Finance.

1. What does it mean to be determined? Easily giving up, is it the musician that tries to score a line since its difficult he or she decides to leave it. No!!! Determination is giving in your best, having a goal and doing all it takes to achieve your sole goal.

The four levels of determination can also be called “the may, can, will, and must of improvement.”

Every musician is on one of these levels and as you read through, you’ll not only discover your current level of determination but the appropriate level of determination that will give you your desired improvement this year.

1st Level — “I May Improve This Year”

At the first level of improvement is where you have those who are uncertain if they will improve or not.

The likelihood is there because they know that it would take several days to the end of the year and chances are there that they “may” bump into something (a book or DVD) or somebody (an instructor) and their playing will improve overnight.

At this level of determination, the musician is not really obligated to practice, and even when he/she does, it’s usually when it is convenient or when he/she is inspired by a video on the internet or someone who plays better than they do.

2nd Level — “I Can Improve This Year”

“He can who says he can; she can who says she can.”

On this second level of determination are those who are interested in improving and know that it’s possible to do so this year.

Musicians with this level of determination know that improvement is not a probability, but a possibility. So, they invest hours on the internet; searching for relevant information, watching YouTube videos, and doing a diligent study using an e-book, charts, etc.

But one of the things about this second level is that busy schedules or tight finances can slow down the improvement process, and this is because there’s no stubborn willingness to go against all odds.

With a prolonged effort at this determination level, though it may take time, improvement is a possibility.

3rd Level — “I Will Improve This Year”

The willingness to improve is what differentiates the third level of determination from the first and second levels.

In addition to the willingness to improve, musicians at this level have it all figured out with well-structured goals: short-term and long-term goals.

If you are the kind of musician who wakes up with a strong drive to improve and already are conversant with the aspects of your musicianship that needs improvement, then you’re on this third level.

At this level of determination, scheduling out time, investing money, meeting other musicians who are ahead of you and are willing to share ideas, etc., won’t be a problem.

4th Level — “I Must Improve This Year”

It all starts with a decision to improve. But musicians at this level of determination add a sense of duty, devotion, dedication, and direction to their decision to make improvement more predictable.

The chances of improving if you have this level of determination are 100% because if you’re practising in the right direction, and you’re dedicated to practice (doing it out of duty and with a sense of devotion), improvement becomes visible in days and weeks; not months and years.

2. TIME: Time is precious and can’t be reversed, that’s why we need to be wise and make use of every second. Remember every great musician today, made use of their time what about you? How are you managing yours? Think about it  

3. Consistently (practice): This particular tool is so deep.

I was watching an interview on Hip tv music station, they invited the son of Late Fella Kuti by the name Femi Kuti and when the questionnaire asked him what has being is musical strength, he said “Consistency” that he usually practices 6 hours everyday even at his current age, also I chatted Cozy Nate and I asked him sir describe the consistency as a tool of music success he said

“Growing and remaining relevant in all times” so deep

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Growing and remaining relevant that means if you don’t advance yourself you will be outdated, this leads us to the quality period you spend while practising, I want to be like Cory Henry, I want to sing Beyonce, I want to play Jazz like Cozy Nate…

I want to play the drums like Mk stixx or Sunnie snare the question is can you do what they have been doing?  Practising like they want to die there.

I remember about last year I had a brief chat with sir Warren is well known as “Piano lesson with warren” I asked him, sir, what is the physical secret behind your musical growth He said “Practice Practice Practice” also Paul Sax said the same thing in quote

“Consistency isn’t just about showing up. It’s about how good your quality is when you show up. It’s not enough to deliver content every week if the content isn’t always good. If you release a song every Friday, but only 1/2 of the songs are good, you’ll eventually lose listeners who are expecting great songs”.

4. Finance: Music requires money, leave it or take it. 

If you want to learn perfectly you must spend one way or the other if you don’t want to end up being a professional quack.

Check my music forum to more inspirational. Drop your comment as well and tell me what fuel your growth. 

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