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We have heard of some ladies who ended up washing plates because they were not with vex money or the guy could not afford the meals. Some were even abandoned at the restaurant, thinking the guy went to the restroom. While some had been sent out of the house in the middle of the night

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Skibii featuring other top artistes in a song titled “Daz How Star Do” sang “…never oh never to be caught unfresh…” You know that line, right? As a lady, do likewise, never to be caught stranded. Have extra cash and chew according to your pocket size.

The extra cash is called ‘vex money’, also emergency funds. Vex money is that extra money aside from your fare that saves you from embarrassment usually on a date, just in case.

According to the Urban dictionary, it is a Caribbean term for the extra bit of money a woman carries with her on a date. Vex money comes in very handy at the point of need.

A story was told of a lady that went on a date. They had agreed to meet physically after meeting on Facebook. It was time to pay the bill, the waiter came and the man paid for his. Yes! You heard me right, just his own.

The lady was shocked because she had expected the man to pay, although her facial expression says otherwise. Thankfully, she went with her vex money. She was all grinning as she slut in her ATM card into the POS machine. Let’s not imagine what would have happened if she had gone without extra cash.  

Hold on dear, honestly, his ATM might be refused o, it might not be his fault, and he might not be able to make an online transfer due to network issues. Think about it, it will be embarrassing if you cannot pay for the meals even if it is yours only. Haba! Have some self-respect.

Do ensure to go out with a vex money, it not only saves your face, but it is also a roadmap that guides you in times of unplanned financial crisis. Never throw caution to the wind, babe.

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