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Waist Beads; Ancient, but still very relevant

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Waist Beads; Ancient, but still very relevant

“I felt sexy the second I put my waist beads on. “They are not just for the skinny woman. You go walking bared past a mirror and see this sumptuous jewellery hanging on you. It makes you feel beautiful. They’re the fearless, lively woman, whatever size she is.” – Stephanie 

As they say, everything old is new again. This phenomenon is the basis of fashion and is especially true of waist beads, an accessory that women in Africa have been wearing for thousands of years, which have steadily gained popularity worldwide.

Like any other body accessories such as wrist watches, erring or necklace, beads are the same, but with more deep cultural significance in Africa. Beads usage is rooted in African culture and can be traced back to the generations.

It consists of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips.

Fashion in Nigeria; the Historical Perspective

It’s believed to be a traditional female beauty enhancer worn to distinctively bring out the beauty in the female. It draws main attention to the hips, bum and thighs as well as the way it sways when a woman walks. A woman’s integrity and sexual character can easily be interpreted by the use of waist beads.

It comes in diverse colours and shapes and may also include ornamental stones, crystals which often sparkles against its rays of light when the beads escape from the hiding under the clothes.

In some West African countries, its symbolizes femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. Today, in both Africa and the other civilized countries like the United States, women use beads for artistic and practical purposes.

Girls are taught that wearing waist beads from an early age helps them achieve rounder hips, slim waists and fuller breasts. It’s also believed to gauge changes in weight, people use waist beads to stay aware of weight changes.

Are we now leaving in a world where we go pantless?

Some men are interested in the sexual attractiveness and sensuality of waist beads and encourage their partners to wear them to accentuate their beautiful look. Today, some men make the further move to the extent of presenting it as a gift to their wives to pass a strong message of their interest in this traditional adornment.

But some people still believe that there are specific and distinct reasons why some people wear beads, especially around the waist. Some believed it has some diabolical power for attraction or seduction. Whatsoever you think waist bead signifies, share with us in the comment session. 

The importance of wearing waist beads

  1. You look more sexually attractive to your partner(s). It has been proven that the percentages of those that want their partner to put it being higher than those that don’t want it. You look more amazing with your beads because it gives your waist different looks than the usual. Why not get hot, seduce him and have more fun together sexually.
  2. Freedom to accomplish your sexual desire; this comes from switching beads in colors and designs for a different experience.
  3. Increase libido in men; it enhances sexual arousal in both sexually active and inactive men.
  4. For outdoor flaunting, some ladies would love to create a whole lot of pandemonium by flaunting their middle part in public for attention.

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