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Waist Beads and Sexual Pleasure

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Waist Beads and Sexual Pleasure

Worn by singles and married, the waist beads come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. It is called ‘Jigida’ by the Hausas, the Yoruba refers to it as ‘Bebedi’or ‘Ileke idea’ while the Igbo called it ‘Ekere’ or ‘Mgbanu-Ukwu’.

The shiny ornaments with blended colours, beautifully laid on the hip, it follows the sway of the bum of its wearer, these are fascinating and beyond decoration.

Different ladies wear waist beads for several reasons, one of such is that it is believed to be associated with sexual pleasure. Waist beads for a long time have been believed to stimulate deep sensual desires in men. When the beads are seen swerving on the waist, bum, hip of the female gender, there is a shift in focus for the male gender.


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The female bum represents many things for African society, just as much sentiment is attached to it. It is said to house the whole essence of a woman’s feminism and sexuality.

Waist beads traditional is an age-old accessory worn in Eastern Africa, waist beads worn underneath women’s clothes to represent different tribes (depending on the colour worn). In today’s world, it is a fashion statement.

Some ladies wear waist beads are worn for spiritual purposes. A lady once shared how she wore a spiritually prepared waist bead to attract rich men.

A waist bead seller said that some men told her that they enjoy seeing waist beads on a woman’s hips because it adorns the waist and it is enchanting.

Beads are made of a different material such as glass, shell, coral, copper, wood, silver, brass aluminium, bone, horn, pearl, jet, amber, mineral, including precious stones, ceramics and plastics. They are at times curved, painted or enamelled.

Meanwhile, there are misconceptions and bias surrounding the waist bead and sexual pleasure. Some women have aversions towards waist ornament because of its sexual tinges.



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