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Wardrobe Essentials For Ladies

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Accessories every lady should have in their wardrobes

Essential fashion items will have you not disorganized when the ‘ I do not know what to wear day’ comes knocking. You just put them on and still look chic, classy and simple.  Some accessories every lady should have in their wardrobes include; 

Denim jeans: When one doesn’t really know what to wear, a pair of Jean is one of the last resort that comes to mind. You can pair it up with a blazer and heels for a formal outing. Denim jeans even have a slimming effect when pairing with a fitting T-shirt.

T-shirts: They are go-to accessories, white T-shirts are adorable on Ankara pants. The colour you want of course is up to you, one that makes you feel comfortable, they are must-haves.

Black stretch pants: If you do not have a legging ordo, not like them, this comes in handy. It is quite comfortable and easy to pair.

Little black dress: Every girl should have a little black dress’, how about the girl who doesn’t like black? Oops. Now please wear your colour of choice but pick one that accentuates your skin tone. In order words, this could be your ‘little red dress’, little green dress or even your’little blue dress’. The colour is up to you. Ballet flats: While heels are classy, ballet flats are comfortable and still have you look chic and stylish.

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Chiffon tops: Chiffon tops are the perfect warm evening options. They are fashion items one must have especially because they are comfortable and quite classy.

Sneakers: Sneakers are ‘busy as hell’ day footwears and for your fun days, sneakers aren’t left out either.

Good lingerie: Nothing beats comfort underneath your dress. Wearing lingerie too tight or too free will have your hands on your all day, trying to adjust to fit. Find the perfect lingerie for every outfit, you would be glad you have them.

Hair accessories and wig: Every woman should have a hairband, your hair natural or permed and a good wig for the bad hair days.

A black handbag: A black handbag will save you the stress of having to always think of the perfect bag for your dress so, on your rush days, a black handbag is a go-to bag.

Belt: You might think belts are not necessary, you would be surprised the day you would need them and wish you had them.

Makeup: If you are not a lover of makeup, you must have a lip gloss and a red lipstick.

Now you do not have to break the bank to get one of this. Just get your preferred brand and if they are expensive, you can take it one at a time.

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