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Ways to remove underarms hair

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Ways to remove underarms hair

Underarm hair aka armpit hair can make one self-conscious and limit your choice for clothes. Underarm hair may prevent you from wearing sleeveless clothes.
However, this article provides you with ways to go about regaining your confidence and getting rid of that unwanted hair.

1. Shaving: This allows you to remove hair from large areas in your body. This can easily be achieved in the shower. It’s an inexpensive, relatively painless and convenient method. It is advised to use shaving creams to minimise the risk associated with razor cuts and burns.

2. Threading: This is usually done by salon professionals because it requires expertise. Threading makes use of a special string to pull unwanted hair out of the skin.

3. Tweezing: AKA plucking, it’s the removal of hair from the roots. This can be painful. However, make sure to thoroughly clean the tweezers to minimize contact with dirt and bacteria. If you chose to do follow this method, ensure to pull out your hair in the direction of its growth to prevent breakage and irritation of hair follicles.

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3. Waxing: This is quite common. All you need do is to apply the hot wax to the skin, let it sticks to the hair and pull it from the root. It’s can be painful, however, the procedure and result are fast.

4. Depilatory cream: This is similar to waxing. Apply over the area, leave for a few minutes to give the chemicals enough time to perform its function before you rinse it off. Do not leave the cream on your skin longer than the recommended time. The cream may sting a little, was not off if become painful or unbearable. Meanwhile, if you have thick underarm hair, you might want to opt for another method.

5. Electrolysis is destroying individual hair follicles with chemical or heat energy or permanent har removal. Electrolysis requires professional consultation. Book a session at a salon for this.

6. Laser hair removal uses a special light to reduce the hair with minimal pain.


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