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Wearing The Right Brassiere

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Wearing The Right Brassiere

If you do wear a bra, there are many options but most importantly we want to discuss ‘must-have bras’. You might not always go underwear shopping but here are the types of bra to pair with your outfit to avoid your bra peeking out underneath your dress or any form of discomfort.

1. Adhesive bra: Whether your girls are small or large, every lady wants a bra that will stay in place and remain hidden whenever they want to rock their backless, low- cut or strapless dress. Some of these adhesive bras are washable and reusable up to a certain time.

2. Push up bra: Push up bras give your breast a lift and enhances the cleavage making your cup size appear larger. They’re most often underwire bras that have foam or gel padding for extra lift.

3. Convertible bras: These are multipurpose bras. You can wear them strapless or as a halter-neck, a one-shoulder, and more. If you are not keen on bra shopping, buy this and save yourself the stress.

4. Nursing bra: Of course, we would not leave our nursing mothers out. This bra has clips on the straps to unfasten each cup and make the whole nursing process so much more seamless.

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5. Plunge bra: plunge bras offer less coverage and are suitable under deep V-necks and low-cut dresses

6. Minimizer bra: As the name suggests, these bras make the bust line appear smaller. If you are looking to make your bust appear smaller even up to an inch, this is the choice of bra.

7. Demi bra: Now this is cut even lower than a balconette bra, they cut one inch above the nipple and works better under low-cut scoop-neck tops.

8. Balconette: Balconette bra cups are cut low horizontally just like a balcony. The cups are cut smaller and show more of the top of the breast. They are meant to be worn under low- cut necks. Balconette bras and demi bras are similar, but they are not the same.

9. Strapless bra: if you do not want your bra straps peeking out, Strapless bras are a must for any shoulder-baring outfit, your camisoles, off-shoulder, halter tops and strap tops

10. T-shirt bra: As the name suggests, T-shirt bras are worn beneath T-shirts. These bras are round, moulded cups, they usually don’t show under a tight-fitting T-shirt.


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