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Weird Piercing You Rarely See

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Weird Piercing You Rarely See

Multiple ear piercings are extremely cute, especially when you wear earrings that are properly paired. They are common as well as the nose and tongue piercings. If you have heard of the following, have you ever really thought of having them on?

Nipple piercings are quite weird, a lil birdie told us that nipple piercings drive some of our male folks crazy. We asked some women and they wondered how their child will suckle with such piercings. For some, it is a ‘NO NO’. We would admit the ones we have seen look quite cute.

Full face piercings: Some folks pierce their eyebrow, lips, but a full face covering?? We sometimes wonder how much pain people can endure doing want they feel like doing!

Gum piercing: This takes a lot of courage! Ha, this courage has to be cooked, well prepared to manage this. This piercing is done above the tooth right on that fleshy gum.

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Eyelid Piercing: This piercing runs through the eyelid, yes, you heard that, the eyelid! If you are thinking of having a piercing, we do not suggest you try this. We love you and do not want your eyeball rolling over a sharp object.

Along the nose: You know that bridge that separates one hole of the nose from the other inside. Now imagine a piece of jewellery running through from one opening into another. Weird right?

Finger piercings: This is usually at the base of the finger, some people opt out of wedding rings and pierce their ring finger. One should be careful of this kind of piercing because of the constant use of the fingers in the toilet and other activities.

Leg piercing: This piercing can be on any part of the leg and even the heel. While the heel piercing is cool. Wonder the kind of pain one will feel when you hit your heel accidentally, ouch!!!!!!!!!

Genital piercings: Genital jewellery has a kind of stimulation. There are several types of genital piercings and risks they come with. Stay with us on Publog and we will educate you more about it. Muahhhhhhhh



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