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What do men really want?

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What do men really want

Every lady has this question on her mind, sometimes it could be because someone is seriously asking you out, which makes you wonder, ‘why is the guy really into me’. It could also be your relationship, sometimes, you might want to know why your spouse loves you so much. He might not have thought about it, but you may possess some of these qualities.

Men desire women who treat them likes kings. Yes, he asked you out, you always expect he should always be the one texting, calling, visiting as well as springing up surprise outing and gifts. He is treating you like a queen, you should do the same too. You would note a song by Fireboy – king ‘baby se mi bi oba, me I fit fight for your love, but i no go fit beg for your love’. You should make him feel wanted too,  queen.

Men want women who are capable of taking care of themselves. Forget when he says I do not want you doing this or that’, just own you and own your money. Be financially independent!

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Men want to be with a woman who shares his goals and dreams. Someone who had dreams for herself too, not just dreams but someone who is actively working to achieve her dreams.

Men want women who listen, who they can confide in. Do not forget that your reaction to everything he shares with you determines what he will be comfortable telling you. So you want your man comfortable telling you every single thing, then you have to be able to handle situations properly.

Men want women who have a positive outlook on things. Like our Naija peeps would say ‘ person wey get vibes back to back’. Someone who they are compatible with. Compatibility is key in determining the longevity of that relationship or marriage.

What men want is not far fetched. Publog.ng would also like to emphasize that irrespective of what men want, we also want women who are comfortable being themselves and comfortable in their skin.

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