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Kayanmata: Is it jazz?

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Kayanmata_ Is it jazz_

What exactly is Kayan Mata? Is it a ‘jazz’? Is it diabolical? Does it have side effects? How do I use it? Is it effective? I’m interested, I want to get it? PUblog has the answers to all these questions and more.

Kayanmata is simply known as love enhancers. Kayanmata literally means “woman’s thing or property”, it is used to heighten sexual pleasure. It is believed to secure your home for the married and to command commitment for the single ladies.

It comes in different forms – perfumes, herbs, scrabs, cream. The products have a base of honey, tiger nuts, roots, herbs, millet.

“Kayanmata” is a local aphrodisiac that originates from the northern part and it has been used for more than five hundred years by couples for fertility, enhance physical intimacy. Its recipes are transferred from one generation to another.

However, young unmarried ladies are now using it to attract single and married rich men. “Kanyanmata traders or merchants have flooded the social media space to openly display and sell the products with various testimonials attesting to its efficacy.

In an interview with a Nigerian online medium, a popular Lagos-based traditional sex therapist, Tobi Kukoyi dispels some of the beliefs surrounding the use of ‘Kayanmata.’ She said it is not a fetish product.

She said ‘Kayamata’ is organic and have no side effects. It includes herbs, fruits, roots, and vegetable.

She explained that aphrodisiac is something everyone will need at a point in life due to hormone malfunction which is caused by our lifestyles – stress, pregnancy, diet, responsibilities, and health issues affect libido, which results in poor or low sexual performances.

There is something that I found similar to the products, they do not reveal the ingredients.



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