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When Love Goes Sour

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When Love Goes Sour

Today, a lot of people are gradually becoming distant, emotionally unavailable, they are in relationships and are already getting their minds prepared on what to do to move on when their partner finally ‘fucks up’.

This obviously must have been caused by a bad breakup, they believe that there is no love, the fear that the one person you love the most will awaken one day and say they do not love you anymore. Most people are all out to gratify their sexual urges and prepare for the worst from the one person they believe they love.

Love does not carry anger, love is beautiful, love forgives, love is ‘smart’, love pays attention, love is amazing with the right person. You thought he was the right person, the past few months have been amazing and all of a sudden, he stopped calling, he gets too busy to talk when you call back, he does not even think anything is wrong, there is always an argument, in extreme cases, he might even become violent. These are signs that he is going off the grid.

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For the lucky women, he might call you up and break things off, for some he just stops calling and does not pick your calls, no closure whatsoever. It did not just work out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. We want our women to find themselves, then you will understand what is good for you and what’s not.

The worst thing you can ever do after a sad love story is to rebound. This does not give you space to breathe at all, you might become confused, you hurt the new person who has no idea of the hurt you are feeling, and if he does have an idea, we do not want the messiah Mentality flocking around you. You can not be healed except you allow yourself.

Erase the notion that there is no love, this will help you love with all your heart once again. This is not to say that you should throw all care to the wind. Love is a smart sister! If you notice someone is not emotionally available for you, please move on.

Remember that to love wholeheartedly, you have to love yourself first. If you are finding it hard to love yourself, you have no business in that love relationship or marriage.

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