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Why Do We Cheat In Relationship?

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Why Do We Cheat In Relationship

What makes someone cheat on their partner? What do you consider to be cheating? Let’s find out.

Cheating is the most distressing thing that can occur in a romantic relationship, so it’s very important to understand why lovers tend to be unfaithful.

Cheating can be seen as becoming secretly entangled in a romantic, emotional, and/or physical relationship with another person. It’s a breach/betrayal of trust in a relationship.

Often, people only think cheating has to do with sexual connection alone, yet sharing emotional confidential information about your relationship with someone outside the relationship can also be considered cheating.

What do you consider to be cheating?

Cheating is a rather vague term. Defining cheating can be personal; it all depends on individual views and dogma, also it depends on the relationship in question.

For example, some might consider watching pornography as an act of cheating, while others would consider something like philandering or kissing as cheating too.

In the case of sexual intercourse, the majority of people would consider this an act of betrayal.

But what about having feelings for someone, but you’re afraid of going into it due to the consequences. Remember, there’s already a feeling, though not expressed. Could this be considered an act of cheating? You probably have your views on this.

Let’s examine some reason we think might be responsible for that act of cheating. 

If you ask a cheating partner WHY they cheated, they always have something to say. They will always give reasons why they cheated. But to be honest, do we have cogent reasons why we cheat on our partner? I guess we do have.

One Thing You Should Avoid In Your Relationship. 

There are a thousand reasons why a man or woman would engage in such an act of dishonesty. Though there’s may some factors that might trigger or might be a causative factor.

They include,

  • Addiction; either to hard drugs, alcohol, pornography or whatsoever that might cause the inability to control one’s self at the moment.
  • Peer Group; if you have friends that cheat on their partners, there is a high tendency that you might end up like them. A saying says, show me your friends, and I would tell you who you’re.
  • Addiction to Sex: If one of the partners is sexually active than the other, there is a high tendency that the sexually active one would look outside to get maximum pleasure.
  • Having many friends; having friends are good. But one needs to be very careful. There’s always a reason why someone is your friend, you need to figure out the friendship bond, especially when it’s the opposite sex. No one wants to be on a friend zone level forever.

Reasons Why Married People Cheat

In marriage, the game is a little bit different from dating.

Cheating in marriages can be connected to a lot of factors. Because the nut had been tied, there’s no going back in most cases. One looks trapped in it.

When couples are frustrated, and they can’t reason a way to get out of that, the weaker side might be prone to act inordinately. Although we might say the women are the weaker ones. Truth be told, the weaker one can be the male partner.

Frustration can come in any manner; either by lack of communication, financial pressure, low capability, emotional disconnect, lack of respect, lack of trust, etc. Or this can trigger infidelity.

Reasons for Cheating

Some reason why married people cheat might be one of the following;

Situation; Being in a different environment or settings can predispose married ones to cheat. 

When you’re in a different setting or not quite yourself, you may have a temporary urge to sexually explore that would not necessarily be part of your usual behaviour. Maybe under the influence; alcohol, drugs, on vacation without your partner.

Lack of Commitment; both partners have their role to play here. They both need to be committed to their marital vows. They need to figure out their weaknesses as a couple and as an individual so they can help the falling partner.

Tired of the relationship; It happens, you can be tired of being married. Marriage is a lot of work; you need to work it out if you want to maintain the burning love.

Boredom: As a human, we all want something new, different from the usual. Sometimes, we need a little bit of excitement/spark. Doing the same thing/ or having the same issues repeatedly can lead to boredom. Couples need to figure this out.

Going out for a movie, going on vacation together or doing the unusual can’t spice up things a little bit

Distance: what do you expect if both couples don’t live under the same roof, what do you expect? Loneliness is a virus that can eat so deep causing a lot of damage. Periods of absence, whether travelling for work or any reason give room for an affair to occur.

While a long-distance marriage is not ideal, couples need to seat to address how to keep their marriage strong even when apart.

In conclusion, cheating doesn’t mean the end of a relationship; it can be fixed if both parties are willing to work it out.

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