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Why you should let the fart out

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Why you should let the fart out

Ever noticed why some patients are still in the hospital even after a ‘successful’ surgery? The condition for them to be discharged could be to‘express’ themselves by farting.

Fart after surgical operation is mandatory as it ensures that all the gut/organs are back in place. This buttress the significant of exploring and letting it go discreetly.

Call it ‘polluting the air’ if you wish, but it is the way the internal organs ‘exhale’ otherwise the ‘gas’ meant to be let out will find its way via somewhere else (the mouth maybe?).

Here are some reasons you should let it out.
1. Helps in preventing illnesses
When we fart, we release some amount of hydrogen sulphide. Studies have shown that if you don’t release that ‘pressure’ then this gas keeps on accumulating inside your body and in severe cases can also lead to cell damage and heart problems, and even stroke.

2. Relieves the body
Omg! There is this feeling of relief that comes after farting. You too can attest to that. Fart is naturally the system’s way of releasing pressure caused by everything that goes into the body after the digestive system is done processing all it needs to function!

3. Inhaling fart is good for the body!
Are you kidding me! The hydrogen sulphide that reduces cell damage when inhaled in small amounts which at the end of the day reports reveal keep strokes, heart diseases and more at bay!

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4. An indicator to improve the quality of diet
If you hardly fart, you might have to examine and improve your diet. If there’s a case where gas isn’t released (via farting) then the microbes in the gut may not be getting the needed nutrients (which should be in place for a clean gut).

5. It reduces bloating
Bloating is simply a mixture of water and gas. This occurs when you take a large meal and don’t give it takes to digest.
Regular fart helps to get rid of bloating. These common causes are carbohydrates and sugary foods. Bloating may result in heartburn.
Farting immediately in most cases eliminate bloating simply like releasing a pressure valve.

How often do you fart? Soro Soke, don’t be shy! 




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