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Why You Should Reduce Sugar Intake

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Why You Should Reduce Sugar Intake

Food containing sugar is cheap and easy to get, little wonder the consumption is high. Sugar is a relatively harmless carbohydrate in its natural state that our body needs to function. When sugar is added during the processing of food, to change the taste, colour, this is where the problem lies.

Here is why you need to reduce your sugar intake,
Sugar is easily digested by bacteria in the mouth, leaving your tooth susceptible to decay. This can be injurious to your oral health.

Added sugar has no essential nutrients but they are high in calories. They are just used to enhance the taste of the food they are added to and so are called zero calories.

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Taking in too much sugar leads to taking in too many calories. This in turn leads to weight gain. Being overweight can leave you susceptible to diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart diseases. Eating much sugar can lead to obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and leave you prone to atherosclerosis.

A high sugar diet increases blood sugar levels which may contribute to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which affect the functions of the lungs.

A high diet in refined sugar can lead to acne. The skin has pores that can become clogged by oil, dirt or dead skin cells. This may develop into a pimple when your skin is repeatedly affected by this condition, it is termed acne. Sugary food increases blood sugar levels which increases oil production and inflammation which encourages acne development.

You can take charge of your sugar consumption. When eating processed food, always check the amount of sugar they contain, this is not to say you should not eat them at all but consumption should be reduced. We can as well avoid adding processed sugar into foods such as yam, beans even salad dressings.

Stay healthy people!



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