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Women and Weeds Smoking

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Women and Weeds Smoking

Weed is just a street term for Marijuana, also called cannabis which is derived from the leave, bud, stems and flower of the plant, Cannabis sativa. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug (affecting the mind) and should be used with caution. The use, cultivation, importation of cannabis in Nigeria is prohibited.

There is no distinction between medicinal use and recreational use. It is an offence punishable by law. Medically, it is used in countries which legalized them for its therapeutic effects in reducing chronic pain, vomiting which can be due to chemotherapy.

Over 10 per cent of adults use cannabis in Nigeria. Adults of various works of life including our security officers. Curbing the use of cannabis in Nigeria despite the laws against it will be quite difficult as the people who are supposed to maintain a civil environment use it as well and have been caught on camera countless times. The only time our law enforcement decide to curb the use is when they decide to extort money from people who are in possession of the substance.

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The common methods of taking this substance are mostly by smoking which has an almost immediate effect, another method used is by mixing with food. There is quite a wide difference between the number of male cannabis users and female users. Of recent, the numbers of female users are on the rise.

Cannabis has different effects on both genders, this is not to say that there are no general effects on males and females but there are slight differences.

According to the article by Walker OS, Holloway AC, Raha S, high levels of cannabinoids have been shown to suppress the release of GnRH, FSH and LH which are hormones required for normal female reproduction. This article also proves that moderate/heavy users of marijuana seem more likely to present with infertility related to ovulatory disorders.

Cannabis has a more positive sexual effect in women than in men. Women who smoke cannabis experience more dizziness and have been reported to have visual impairment once they are high. Researches are still being done about the different effect weed has on both genders.

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