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Romantic Relationships In The Workplace

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Romantic relationship at work

One doesn’t have a choice as to where one finds love and who they fall in love with. However, where you find love might strengthen your relationship and also be the determining factor whether you should proceed or not.

Giving how much time people spend at their job, it is normal for people to develop office crushes or fall in love. Workplace romance can be short-lived resulting in uncomfortable situations for both parties as it might be a disadvantage instead of otherwise.

However, workplace romance can lead to long term and lasting relationship. One example is the relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith who he reportedly met on the set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and have been married to for almost 20 years.

In Nigeria, the average person spends over 9hrs of 24hrs at work. So, if you fall in love with your colleague and you start to date, you spend a quarter of your time in a day with this person, this can strengthen your relationship and can get you to know each other better.

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Although, many argue as well that dating your coworker is an unwanted distraction and can also affect productivity at work. Also, it leaves room from problems for the organisation if ever a sexual accusation comes up against any of the parties involved which is why there should be a corporate policy on personal relationships between staff to prevent problems.

Much as there is risk attached to workplace romance, how both parties handle themselves is a factor. Everyone must understand that their actions can jeopardise their relationship with their colleagues and even superiors.

It all boils down to maturity and understanding but then before you begin that romance, please think, you might want to do it for beneficial reasons if the other party is superior, are you doing it just to pass time if your job is boring? Are you also going into it because the love is pure and true?

One must learn to be able to put all emotions aside and think realistically. If that romance will do more harm than good based on the motive behind it, please desist!

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