Home Health & Wellness Your vagina needs fresh air.

Your vagina needs fresh air.

Your vagina need fresh air

Underwear is majorly cloth worn beneath outer clothes in direct contact with the skin, although they may consist of more than a single layer.

The female’s underwear is commonly called panties. It can be fitting or loose depending on the types wore. They are classified base on rear coverage, width, height etc. To read more about female underwear, you can click here to see some types of lingerie.

Do underwear materials affect vaginal health? You need to find out!

Though a lot of women are still confused with what the vagina means, they think it means everything down there, whereas each part is different. The vagina is the inner muscular tube that connects the cervix of the uterus to the vulva.  The vulva is everything that you see on the outside

The choices of panties or underwear you wear greatly affect that area and it needs to properly care for. As much as you may want to prioritize style, it’s important to think about comfort and vaginal health when it comes to your panty shopping.

Between organic cotton briefs, “period panties,” and lacy thongs, the options are endless. All you need to do is to be unadventurous to buy breathable underwear that is vagina-friendly. That is thinking about convenience and your vaginal health.

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How do underwear materials affect vaginal health?

Being mindful of what your skivvies are made of can save you from a host of vaginal health issues, like infections and irritation.

Certain underwear materials can generate a damp environment for yeast and bacteria to thrive because they do that best in moist and dark places. Breathability is really important to your vagina.

Underwear made of synthetic materials like lycra and nylon can be enclosing and non-breathable. It can lead to vaginal irritation, rashes and other forms of vaginal infection.

Although, it’s not that you get infections if you wear underwear made of synthetic material. It’s just that you need to be more cautious to have underwear that is airier and that will make your vagina much happier.

What choices should I make: the material should my underwear be made of?

Cotton is still the best choice when it comes to everyday wear. Because it’s the most absorbent material and the best for promoting breathability

But if you have sensitive skin or you have been dealing with recurring infections or irritation, opting for organic cotton underwear or other natural materials might be necessary.

The only exception to the cotton rule is when exercising or working out, it’s important you forgo cotton. The best underwear is those made of moisture-wicking materials or going pantless as some of those workouts wears. Because it either has a built-in liner or is designed to be worn without underwear.

Going commando is often better than opting for cotton especially for people prone to vaginal infections, sleeping without underwear might also be a good option.

Nude sleepers rejoice!

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